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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

When is a cliché not a cliché?

When you put it together with another one.

With the complete rewrite of both Prickly Scots Pt's I and II nearing completion (go get the latest free update if you already have the book; Pt I contains many, many changes; fifteen additional chapters you'll want to read before Pt II is released, and the beginning of the book completely rewritten) I decided that perhaps the otherwise serious covers might throw people off as to the true nature of this book -  largely a comedy.  After reading recently about the importance of book covers, I decided to have fun with it instead.  However, the picture is not without merit... rather appropriate, actually, considering some of the irascible characters to be found in the story... namely a sentient flower race that take on the traits of whichever country the mysterious Blue Phenomenon has sent them to.  

I wonder which country that could be?
Note:  5 August 2012 - This book is temporarily unavailable.


  1. Oh wow! I'll have to get an updated version. Will check that out, snakeslane

  2. yeah, see the post below for more info:
    or scroll down, it's the one entitled Two important updates....

    Also, part II will be released very soon, I have been editing it meticulously and religiously and can promise it will be a great read, but you do have fifteen chapters to be getting on with... I believe you sync for updates in your Kindle account, let me know if you have any issues. The new Pt I has an index, and starts with a prologue, 'Twelve years ago... the first episode entitled: Sadie.

  3. Oh wow! I'll have to get an updated version. Will check that out, snakeslane

    Thanks, I haven't used my kindle for awhile. Will have to find the usb cable etc. (buried under books and papers, no housekeeper here) but now I am motivated and looking forward to the rewrite. Good to hear you are nearing completion with Part ll. Congratulations!

  4. i love the thistle couple, SP; great idea, and quite apt for the theme of the book; also good to see that you are coming along so well with this; one of these days; i am positive; it will be so successful and well loved they will make it a movie; it has everything that a movie needs to make a box office hit on the screen too; you know i'm completely cheering you on; success must be yours; great luck to ya.

  5. Thanks for liking the cover, wasn't sure if it was one of those things that I thought was good but everybody else wouldn't, but after some weeks, I do still like it. Yes, I have been loving editing Pt II, have been a bit obsessed with it lately, actually, and nearly there. It's been amazingly easy this time, I have to say, fine-tuning, all my years of writing seeming to come together now to make this complex story easy and fun to read. I know you have read this book a number of times, but you will be surprised to know that it does have a completely different ending from the early days, so much so that it's shocking. No one has read the new ending yet, as I took book II down, so you can look forward to that. And yes, I have been in contact with agents about this book too; I don't know that my marketing skills are all that they need to be, hopefully the rewrite will help them recognise the potential you, and others say, it has. I would LOVE to see this movie. But then, what author wouldn't? Thanks.


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