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Friday, 3 February 2012

Old fashioned pens... not!

Today I feel like griping a little.

I know a lady who’s always saying that they don’t make things like they used to, a lady whose house could probably match the bomb shelter in that movie... the one with Brendan Fraser in a time warp... for she's bought nothing new in years - despite being incredibly rich.  And she might be right.

In my business, I do have to jot things down with a pen quite frequently, electronics not entirely appropriate, and despite the fact I literally have hundreds of biros and gel pens – trays of which I buy at Costco - anytime I pick one up, it doesn’t work.  No amount of scratching around on the paper, ripping it to shreds in the process will make it write (or right) after its initial use of scratching a few words and its cap being removed; dried up like a Middle Eastern riverbed – the kind they use for wadi bashing (the practise of recklessly four-wheel driving in places like Dubai).  And pencils too, somehow every one of those never sharp enough to jot something down with despite being sharpened regularly. Now that I can get over, I'm heavy handed with certain things, but the pens, all of them, often not working as soon as they’re taken from the tray even? Outrageous. Indeed I have to agree, they don't make things like they used to... why, I remember a pen would last me a whole semester at school until it burst in my shirt pocket... now that's a writing implement.

No wonder everything seems to be mightier than the pen these days.  Oh... and I walked barefoot fifteen miles in the snow to get to school an' all....

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  1. I completely know what you mean by that annoying habit of the contrary pen and the pencil lead that breaks; and I haven't ever been a fan of the gel-pen, especially the sparkly kind as they never work for me; my best pen ever was one I found as a kid on the way to school; it was a Parker Brothers, and had the barrel cartridge in it; I wrote, and wrote with it all through that school year; I wrote with it for a whole year, every day, at school and at home, and I marveled at my magic pen that never seemed to run dry; but then one day it did, to my pity, and unable to find or afford a replacement cartridge, I had to go back to using crystal clear barrel Bic pens. I prefer black. With those you can see when the ink is gone, and you can toss it; others will look like they still have ink, but when even a heated tip with a lighter doesn't get it flowing again, you wonder was it even filled as much as you think? Ah, but writers love their pens; we love signing our John Hancocks to things or doodling if no words are flowing.


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