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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Don't force it; you'll f**king break it.

Is something that my friends have always said to me (unnecessarily using expletives) impatient as I can be, frustrated as I can get with certain things, slow and steady, most times, the only way to go.  And they're right, especially when it comes to a road block in your work in progress.

In that vein, re; my last post about travelling in time - Is the future bleak, or not?  I mentioned I had never gone to the future in a story, let alone to a time when the earth may be unrecognisable way, way into the future, that I'd only ever gone to the past.  In that post I wondered if I'd reached a brick wall in terms of where my imagination could go - something that took me by complete surprise... thinking, shock gasp, horror, that it might even have been writer's block, an affliction I've never suffered from.  We-ll... I haven't visited that story in two days, not really wanting to actually, kind of another first for me, for its been a real challenge. And I haven't even thought about it either, not per se, anyway; letting it ruminate on its own terms, 'think' for itself, if you will.  And as a result, I'm glad to say, a la Jack Nicholson in The Shining, "I'm ba-ck!"  I now have a very clear direction, a distinct vision, and, coming with it, a  purpose to the entire story.  Also, instead of good turning evil - which it never really did anyway; evil always existing in my main character pretty much, evil might just turn good in this short story, turn out to be the hero of it even.

But ironically, and perhaps not surprisingly, the vision of that world way in the future that flummoxed me, that I had to come up with using the inspiration of H G Wells' 'The Time Machine', came from dipping into what I know best, yes, the past (and certain info that I don't want to disclose here just yet)  but humanity (or is it?) as a whole, wrapped up in solving a problem of unthinkable proportion, a storyline hopefully outside of anything before - and no, it's not global warming... wa-y too predictable.

The publishers are either going to be orgasmic over this story, or will say 'WTF is this?' when they read it, because it has my signature of unlikeliness and outrageousness at the heart of it.  LOL.  Lo-ve it.  Anyway, the lesson learned therein, is that the abyss cannot be set about upon.  No, I need to wait to be invited into that unforgiving, bottomless chasm for a cup of libretto.  Yes, I forgot that; thought I could simply use it like a fair-weather friend, you know, the kind that only contact you simply because you are so inventive, thereby with the ability to solve their real life dramas, you know, the kind that never remember your generosity, never invite you to BBQ's in-between their issues when all is good with them... ahem... but then, I digress, and I chucked that bad habit out with those old 'friends' some time ago.  But yes, every story needs conflict and resolution, and this experience took me back to a time when I was first writing Prickly Scots before I knew anything at all about writing save for common sense and an individual imagination, knowing instinctively that I needed to create impossible situations for the characters to get out of.  And I did, without knowing how I would, hoping the answer would come to me out of the blue.  And yes, it always did, and then again when that was resolved; creating the exact same problem ten times over, making me have to think of yet another way out as I continued writing the story with that problem as an integral part of it. Yes, now I remember; it always comes to me in the end, that abyss of imagination, sprouting me wings to soar across it only when it feels like it. Pissy little beotch.

Time travel into the future an obstacle?  Phhh... I got a million scenarios now, screw you bottomless pit; I will always find a foothold.


  1. How cool. I'm jealous. Won't be inviting you to my barbeque in the future..."The abyss cannot be set about upon" and then you sprout wings geesh. So excited for you, and your readers of course.

  2. So I was going to answer this, but then I got carried away with writing another blog inspired by your comment about sprouting wings - I think I did once, literally. Thanks Jean, there's my Sunday gone!


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